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Podcast downloads drop during coronavirus outbreak


Americans have been listening to fewer podcasts since the coronavirus pandemic started to worsen in the United States, fashion trade publication Women’s Wear Daily reports.

Why it matters: Podcast downloads have dropped about 10%, and the number of total unique listeners also dropped around 20% since the start of the month, according to data from Podtrac.

What’s happening: Many fewer people are commuting, and “everyone just wants the news, on TV and online, not a true crime podcast,” per WWD.

But so many people are at home, with all that commute time gone, so more people are making podcasts, the New York Times’ Reggie Ugwu writes.

  • Mike Pesca, host of the long-running daily podcast “The Gist,” said the pandemic could soon be regarded as the format’s breakout moment.
  • He compared it to World War II, when Edward R. Murrow’s man-on-the-street radio broadcasts after the bombings in London captured the attention of anxious Americans at home.

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5 essential Zoom hacks to make your virtual hangouts way better

5 essential Zoom hacks to make your virtual hangouts way better

Weird times call for weird measures, and that means thousands and thousands of people using a business video conferencing app to show off their cats to their friends during a nationwide quarantine.

Zoom has gotten a bunch of interest in the past few weeks as Americans scramble to figure out the right video chat app for them. Many have settled on the business-focused service because it doesn’t leave their Android-having friends out to dry like FaceTime and it can accommodate more video callers at once than Google Hangouts. 

Serious Zoom privacy concerns notwithstanding, folks are being thrust into an app they don’t know how to use. This is where we come in. There are a handful of basic, but not entirely self-explanatory Zoom features you need to know in order to get the most out of it.  Read more…

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The article ‘ 5 essential Zoom hacks to make your virtual hangouts way better ‘ Previously Appeared on: https://mashable.com/article/zoom-hacks-tips-and-tricks/

How to Format Text in WhatsApp Chats

Change-fonts-whatsapp-featured-image.jpg Have you ever been typing a message in WhatsApp and wished you could use bold text to emphasize your point? Or maybe you just want to add some fun to your messages to friends. Even though it’s not obvious in the app, it is possible to format text and change its appearance in WhatsApp chats. You can change styles without leaving WhatsApp, or you can make even more changes to the font and style by using websites or third-party apps. Related: How to Export Your WhatsApp Chat History to PC Change Styles within WhatsApp … Read more13402327.gif

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You Can Relive the GameCube on a Modern TV, and It’s Amazing

Nintendo’s GameCube doesn’t support HDMI, but don’t let that stop you! With the right adapters, you can hook up a GameCube to a modern TV and play your beloved GameCube games.

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The article ‘ You Can Relive the GameCube on a Modern TV, and It’s Amazing ‘ Previously Appeared on: https://www.howtogeek.com/662046/you-can-relive-the-gamecube-on-a-modern-tv-and-its-amazing/

How to Sanitize and Clean your Laptop

how-to-clean-laptop-featured.jpg Like any other device that we spend hours on each day, laptops are magnets for germs, dust and grime. There has never been a better time to do a little spring cleaning for your computer. When was the last time you even considered giving it a good spruce-up? Basic maintenance takes only a few minutes, and the payoff is well worth the time and can give your laptop longer life. Not to mention, it’s just good hygiene. We have shown you how to clean your phone, now let’s take a look at the best ways to clean your laptop. What… Read more13400924.gif

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