Instagram noticed you never hit the IGTV button, so it's going away

Back in 2018, Instagram launched its longform video brand IGTV. We’re less than a month into 2020 and maybe the most prominent way to access IGTV is going away.

TechCrunch reported Saturday that Instagram would remove the IGTV button that appears at the top right corner of users’ home screens in the main Instagram app. The reason? Nobody was voluntarily tapping that button, an Instagram spokesperson told TechCrunch.

If you didn’t know it was there in the first place, congratulations!

Image: alex perry / mashable

Of course, that doesn’t mean IGTV is going away or even being scaled back in any meaningful way. Not now, anyway. That button was just one pathway into the illustrious world of IGTV. You can still find it in previews on your news feed, an entire IGTV page in the Explore tab, and on the profile page of any user who has made IGTV videos. Read more…

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